Below we include recently widely cited and read research material published on male escorting. The book edited by Minichiello & Scott, published by Harrington Park Press, offers insights on a more contemporary view of male escorts that challenges outdated views of who these men are and who uses male escorts. The popular media has discussed the book to get its readers to better understand the male escort. Likewise, the book written by Kevin Walby, published by the University of Chicago Press, offers an insight into the ‘touching encounters’ between escorts and clients and reveals how and why these relationships may be important to some people.  The blogs will also provide resource material from a wide range of perspectives and disciplines.

  • Male Sex Work and Society

    This new collection explores for the first time male sex work from a rich array of perspectives and disciplines. It aims to help enrich the ways in which we view both male sex work as a field of commerce and male sex workers themselves. Leading contributors examine the field both historically and cross-culturally from fields including public health, sociology, psychology, social services, history, filmography, economics, mental health, criminal justice, geography, migration studies, and more....

  • Touching Encounters

    Often depicted as deviant or pathological by public health researchers, psychoanalysts, and sexologists, male-with-male sex and sex work is, in fact, an increasingly mainstream pursuit. Based on a qualitative investigation of the practices involved in male-with-male—or m4m—Internet escorting, Touching Encounters is the first book to explicitly address how masculinity and sexuality shape male commercial sex in this era of Internet communications....


Research Articles

  • New Pleasures & Old Dangers

    Understandings of male sex workers (MSWs) shift with technological, conceptual, and social changes. Research has historically constructed MSWs as psychologically unstable, desperate, or destitute victims and their clients as socially deviant perverts. These perceptions, however, are no longer supported by contemporary research and changing societal perceptions of the sex industry, challenging how we understand and describe "escorts."...

  • Behaviours and perspectives

    Technological change, particularly the growth of the Internet and smart phones, has increased the visibility of male escorts, expanded their client base and diversified the range of venues in which male sex work can take place. Specifically, the Internet has relocated some forms of male sex work away from the street and thereby increased market reach, visibility and access and the scope of sex work advertising. Using the online profiles of 257 male sex workers drawn from six of the largest websites advertising male sexual services in Australia, the role of the Internet in facilitating the normalisation of male sex work is discussed....

  • Top 17 research Articles on male sex work published since 2013

    Top Research Articles

    Top research articles on male sex work published since 2013....

  • RUNNING HEAD: Workshops desired by male escorts

    There has been limited research on the types of programs that male-for-male escorts would want for themselves. In 2013, 418 Internet-based male escorts completed an online survey. Participants were presented with a description of an ongoing outreach program for male sex workers called “Rent University”......

  • Decriminalization of Sex Work Is Not Associated with More Men Paying for Sex:

    Decriminalization of Sex Work Is Not Associated with More Men Paying for Sex: Results from the Second Australian  Study of Health and Relationships It has been claimed that the decriminalization of sex work may result in its proliferation, but there is no evidence to prove......

  • A cross-sectional study of HIV and STIs among male sex workers attending Australian sexual health clinics

    Abstract Objectives Although sex work is frequently characterised as a practice with high risk for HIV and other STIs, little is known about the epidemiology of these infections among men who sell sex in Australia. This study reports the prevalence of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, infectious syphilis......

  • Study finds escorts don’t need to be “saved from themselves.” In fact, they want to learn to be better escorts.

    Guest Blogger: Christian Grov, PhD, MPH For over a decade, was perhaps the only online resource for male escorts. On the site, escorts (and clients) could read about other’s experiences navigating the profession. They could get tips ranging from how to write one’s personal......


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