Welcome to the blog for Me, Us & Male Escorting. In creating this blog our intent is to further support the development of an ethically operated and entrepreneurially responsible business enterprise in society and supporting the decriminalisation of work around the globe.

Read our first blog on the professionalisation of male escorting.  Our second blog is on women who buy sex: challenging popular prejudices. Our third and fourth blogs  are written by male escorts and include resource material on setting up a professional, ethically responsible and responsive escort career and the benefits of prostitution to society. In another blog, we discuss the differences between legalisation and decriminalisation and highlighting the benefits of decriminalising sex work.  Our most recent blog discusses some of the educational needs for male escorting.

We also provide some background reading on the topic of the decriminalisation of sex work.

courthouse-1223280_640You can click and check out the following informative briefing articles: where Amnesty International describes its proposed policy of sex work and in another document pose and answer some frequently asked questions around the human rights of sex workers; Catherine Murphy, the policy advisor at Amnesty International, discusses the importance of  human rights of sex workers; Frankie Mullins describes the different views about decriminalisation and legalisation of sex work; and Anna Forbes and Sarah Patterson present the evidence to support why decriminalising sex work is critical to public health. In an excellent video Toni Mac discusses laws surrounding sex work and what she believes will work best to keep sex workers safe and offer greater self-determination.  A highly recommended view, see TED Talk: The laws that sex workers really want.

Additional reading material on decriminalisation:

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