Me, Us, & Male Escorting is the result of a joint research collaboration between Professor John Scott and Professor Victor Minichiello.  Together they authored the book Male Sex Work and Society.  In creating this blog their intent is to create an innovative forum of collaboration between researchers and writers, sex workers, sex work organisations and the media to further support the development of an ethically operated and entrepreneurially responsible business enterprise in society by:

  1. ENGAGEMENT: Sharing and engagement of reliable and research-based knowledge
  2. PROFESSIONAL: Exploring topics that move escorting into a more professional and decriminalised activity in society
  3. CREDIBLE: Highly specialised with evidence-based, expert commentary
  4. WELLNESS: Promoting health, wellness, and high standards in male escorting – for both people who seek the services of  escorts as well as the escorts themselves
  5. GLOBAL: Always  a global perspective and promoting social justice as decriminalization of sex work is an important human rights issue, see Amnesty International declaration.
Male Sex Work and Society


Professor Victor Minichiello is an internationally recognised social scientist, who conducts studies in a number of countries on topics related to sexualities.  He has written many books and research papers on the sexualities of young and older people, homophobia, ageism, and the sex industry that have influenced policy, the delivery of services, and social attitudes.

He holds a number of academic professorial appointments in medical, law and health faculties. See Professor Minichiello’s full biography.


Professor John Scott’s research interests include the ecology of crime (especially rural crime); social control, with a focus on public health regulations; the social construction and governance of sexual deviance, with a focus on sex work; masculinity and violence; and the supply and regulation of drugs.

Widely published, his achievements include 15 books and major research reports and more than 60 papers and book chapters, many with leading international journals and publishers. He has also had sustained success in attracting nationally competitive grants and industry funding, including two ARC Discovery grants and an ARC Linkage grant. He currently holds an ARC Discovery grant and two National Drug Law Enforcement Fund grants.

Professor Scott has recently served as a Chief Examiner with the NSW Board of Studies and as a member of the NSW Community Relations Commission. See Professor Scott’s full biography.